"One and Three Chairs"
by Joseph Kosuth

"Erased de Kooning Drawing"
by Robert Rauschenberg
This section of the website reviews all the different ideas that came together in the Wish Wall Mural project. While all those ideas are documented fully throughout this website, this section will address everything briefly.

We learned about art & ideas, and how the most important part of a conceptual artwork is the idea. Examples of Conceptual Art are Joseph Kosuth's "One and Three Chairs," and Robert Rauschenberg's "Erased de Kooning Drawing."

"I think the artist gave his artwork the title Erased de Koonine Drawing because the erased drawing was like an erased idea. Also, I think the erased drawing is like us only being able to see and realize some things. What I think is interesting about the erased drawing is that if you try hard, you can just begin to make out some of the lines, but no more than that." —Sarah

A "cover-up"


A mural
We looked at different types of urban wall painting: murals, graffiti, graffiti that seems like a mural, and "cover-ups"—places where graffiti has been covered with paint.
Then we compared these examples of urban wall painting to the artwork by Robert Rauschenberg, "Erased de Kooning Drawing."


"Mr. R's artwork is similer to cover-ups because they have both been erased in a way. Mr. R's artwork and cover-ups are different becuase a person had permission to erase it and in the cover-ups the owner wantied to erase it." —Nisha


We thought about different types of secrets and wishes, considered why a wish might need to be protected, and then made lists of our own wishes.


"A wish might need to be protected because people might not think you can do what you wish to do." —Emerson

Posible wishes for the wish wall mural
1. I wish that I was rich.
*2. I wish that everyon close to me would never die.
3. I wish that I could fly.
4. I wish that I could hid my feelings.
5. I wish that I could read every book by Tamora Pierce and sudinly there were more.
6. I wish I was a famouse artest.
7. I wish that I could change size and shape.
8. I wish that I could go to Hawii.

We talked about how a title—like Rauschenberg's title for "Erased de Kooning Drawing"—can help people understand the idea behind a piece of artwork. We also discussed how painting the wall so that it blends into the surrounding houses like camouflage could reinforce the idea of protection that already exists in the artwork.

We each wrote a wish on the wall, covering it up and protecting it with a coat of paint. The following day people from the neighborhood came by and did the same thing. One-hundred people participated and the wall now has more then four-hundred wishes on it!

Once all the wishes were on the wall, it was time for me to finish the camouflaging. In order to make it a truly convincing camouflage, I needed to paint in the areas where no one could reach.


Now that the Wish Wall Mural has been painted, the participating fourth-graders from Graham & Parks Alternative Public School shared their thoughts on the project.

What do you think of the Wish Wall Mural?

"I think the Wish Wall Mural is very cool because I think making wishes on the wall is exciting."—Carlin


"I think that the Wall brings new life to people because there is a new idea. I think also that it makes good use of a wall." —Emerson


"I think that the Wish Wall Mural is a unique and secretive place. I think it is unique because there is no other Wish Wall Mural in the world. I think it is secretive because you can write your wish but when you cover it up, it remains a secret. This is what I think aboiut the Wish Wall Mural." —Jeremy


"I think it's unique and interesting. I think this because theres nothing else like it." —Katie


"I think the Wish Wall Mural is nice because some people might have wishes that they don't want anybody to know about but they might want to put it down someplace. The Wish Wall is the perfict place to put that wish." —Taplin


"I think the wish wall mural was a great expierence. I think this because it's very origanal.Just like Mr. R's." —Seamus


"I think the wish wall is really interesting because of the patterns and colors.

I think the idea is unique because no other wall or mural is the same."


"I think that the wish wall is cool. This is because I think that the whole class found a great way to write a wish on a wall. but still. no one will be able to see it." —Claire


"I think the wish wal mural is great. I think this because ther eis 500 wishes on that wall and even though some might be written by adults those wishes still will probably might not come true. Still if you try, it just might come true." —Jaylen


"I think it's cool. I think this because theres no other wall like and because it's sort of a original." —Autumn


"I think that the Wish Wall Mural is interesting. I think this because it doesn't stand out, it camaflages into the naborhood." —Nisha


"I think the mural is unique. I think this because most people would't think that writing wishes on a wall and painting over the wishes is a mural." —Chisaku


"What I think of the Wish Wall Mural is that it is great because nobody else has thought of it. Also I think that it is orijanal." —Sam


"I think the idea of the Wish Wall Mural is really cool, because it isn't like any other mural. I don't think there is any mural that has things covered up. Mostly, murals show things, but the Wish Wall Mural covers things up." —Sarah



Download a PDF of the lesson plan used to teach this class. Should you use this plan as a reference for teaching purposes, send me an email. I would really love to know.